Notice: We have increased our pricing effective the 19/01/2022, this only effects new customers, if you are an old customer, you do not need to worry, your subscription stays the same.

About Us

Lack of coding skills shouldn’t stop you from building your online space. This is why we've made a platform that enables anyone to launch their website effortlessly.

In our wide collection, you will certainly find a design that highlights your website’s content. If blogging is your forte, you can create a stunning blog in any style you can imagine. We offer entirely customizable templates, with almost no limitations when it comes to changes you can make to the original design.

Your website will automatically render on all devices and screen sizes as soon as it gets online. The goal is to let you tackle the creative side of the job, while our editor takes care of the rest. This is not just sweet talk. Through our editor, you will be able to create a fully responsive, functional and premium looking websites that will never go unnoticed.


Professional Approach

When you lack coding skills, building a blog can be a challenging task, we agree. But having the right tools simplifies the process. It can feel more like a game than work. And with Blog Companion, simplicity goes hand in hand with skillfulness. You can be sure that you will have a fully functional and unique blog in a matter of hours. But don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself!